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I will NEVER be able to play N64 the same way again.

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I thought it was too long relative to the amount/quality of humor. (But that's just my opinion, and it probably has to do with my short attention span!) The humor itself didn't really affect me, but what made me crack up was the animations when Captain Beatdown was talking! I like the style, and you did characterize the Captain well enough to make me want to see what he does next. If what I just said makes any sense to you! For a first flash, however, this is amazing! I really wish I could make flash animations; I can't afford Adobe products at the moment. Keep up the good work!

BinaryDood responds:

Thanks :D

I love it when people actually criticise my work, seems like you guys actually care, and makes me whilling to improve.

Animations and effects were excellent - very smooth! I LOVE the ending, it totally got me!

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It may be short, but the slaughter animations are some of the best I've seen in a game like this! Very fluid and satisfyingly gory! However the walking is just too slow, and the click targets are not very intuitive in the battle scenes.

I think the "free kupo" button is ingenious! Everyone gets paid!

The art and animations are indeed as good as you claim, but the gameplay is not quite on the same level.

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I remember playing this game years ago. The screaming sounds when you get hurt are the absolute best, most intense "pain sounds" I've ever encountered in a flash game!

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I actually don't mind the changing colors at all, but I agree with other reviewers that some of the losing messages need to go, especially "I did 9/11"! Although they don't affect me personally, you are bound to get hate with messages like that. I didn't notice any delayed sound effects but after the music finishes (my song lol) it is stopped for almost a minute or two before it repeats. Is this to make things less repetitive? Otherwise you could just add more tracks to keep it going.

I like how each level has some unique twist, such as the expanding cube, the bouncing ball, and the one after the bouncing ball level where you have to stay in the black areas. (I haven't gotten past that one). However the bouncing ball level has a glitch - when you move to the bottom you die really fast and it makes the screen flicker until you move directly under the ball. Also, what determines how high the ball bounces? It seemed kind of random to me.

Overall I really enjoy the concept but some things do need to be worked out. This could be good!

UltraHammer responds:

Yeah stopping the music I hope will serve to give the player a minute to calm down and focus; feeling reinvigorated when the angelic melody returns.

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I really like the choice of sounds; it ends up sounding pretty nice. It would make great background music for a game. But if it's going to be a song to listen to, then this could be better if you add melodies and give it some structure. It definitely has potential!

MatrixGravity responds:

Thanks! Great background music for a game, huh? Any suggestions? I would love to see it incorporated into a game :)

Wow, it really is loopable! I played it and then proceeded to do my homework, and I didn't notice when it would repeat. It must have looped at least a few times before I noticed.

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LOLOLOL busted!

You always have something clever and fresh every time; I really enjoy your cartoons!

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ToonHole responds:

MeatToilet5000, if you enjoy my comics half as much as I enjoy your username, this is the start of a beautiful thing.

Nice work, although I was confused a bit at first with the plane, so maybe the plane should have more detail.

If the girl is that big, I wonder how many people could fit inside... That'd be the way to travel!

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This reminds me a lot of Dark Ambiance by Asskiller. Look it up and compare them.

I find that the hand doesn't look completely robotic but is also somewhat organic looking with it's smoothness. It's kind of in between for me.

I really like how the only colorful part (besides the yellowish screens) is the dim blue glow coming from the window. It makes the room feel that much "gloomier."

Nice work!

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